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Confessions of the Love Angels 

Love Angels give insights, into the performance's so far, the journey from beginning to now. 


Love Angel Agony Aunts

WAF - InYourLiving Room

To support with the tough times of twentytwenty, The Love Angels offered a video call in service where they helped solve problems for those who called in. All supported with musical introductions by Love Angel Laura. Superbly Technically supported by honorary Love Angel Charlie. 


LoveAngels & Love Fools

Valentines special


Returning to Ninth Life, Catford. Love Angel's Holly and Toby, returned with some favorite walkabout games and debuted - Ghost recreating the amazing moment from the film. And our Agony Aunt Love Letter's a chance to answer questions. 

With a big Finale stage games  supported by the LoveFools DJ's.  


House of Q Cabaret

Theatre Deli

We provided walkabout cheeky chat-up lines, going table to table between performances from the wonderful vixen Felicity Furore, musical magician Neil Kelso and gender-bending clown Alexander Luttley. At the end of the night we even got to test out some of our new group games. 

love fort.jpg

First Flirts - Tent Fort LoveMaze


Building a giant Pillow-Fort Maze to host a speed dating night where a new potential lover is just behind each bedsheet. In each of the 10 spaces was a new game to discover with a new partner. 


The Vixen's Quiz

The Ship, Rochester

As beings that Fly in to help when people are in trouble, when we heard that our friends Wolfshead and Vixen where doing a fundraiser for Kent Air Ambulance, we wanted to help out in anyway we could. 


Sex  Clown Cabaret

Sh! Hoxton

This was the Love Angels first Cabaret performance, providing walk around performance's and games as the audience entered. We then performed our Karma-Sutra routine alongside a reading of the highlights from out Mills & Boon Collection. 

It was an honor to perform at Hoxton's  groundbreaking women's pleasure emporium especially on a bill with Evie Fehilly and Mx Romeo De La Cruz. 


First Flirts First Tests


Having sold-out  performance at Brighton we were keen to spread our wings, and do more performances. We ran an event at NinthLife, Catford. trialing testing and refining our games.

Brighton Fringe Flirts.jpg

First Flirt's Speed-dating

The Warren - Brighton Fringe

Holly had been dating the entire audience, with her show "I'll be your baby tonight" at International and  multiple UK festivals. Holly decided that an audience that had arrived to date her could also date each other. The Speed-dating event was born. The Audience played games inspired by the show, building dream homes and partying in disco tents. Overseen by the first appearance of the Love Angels.

Play date.jpg


The Aeronaught, Acton

While First Flirts and The love angels was hardly even a Brain Baby for Holly, she took "I'll be your baby" to the Aeronaught and was joined by Playdate London- Who Run speed dating events and inspired the beginning of flirts. 

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